What if you refused to leave your bed?

Or rather: What if you felt so terrible you couldn't leave your bed?

Or even: What if you felt so strong you didn't leave your bed, but took a day for reflection and insight instead?

Eve Thomas is a magazine editor and artist in Montreal, QC, Canada. Eve is interested in themes of self-care and how they relate to gender roles in social structures and especially on the internet. 

Eve's companion, #SelfCare, is a safer space for self-care


In Eve's world, someone has stayed home for the day. They refuse to leave their bed. They are surrounded by their favourite sacred things, and each one has something gentle to offer. While you take care of the character, maybe you take care of yourself a little bit too. 

Eve's companion will never interrupt you with notifications. There are no ads, no difficulty, no score, no competition, no failure.

Her companion is instead about taking a few moments for reflection and relaxation. Join us here, in this room, for a few moments. The room is the escape. 

#SelfCare is coming to iOS summer 2018. 



#SelfCare: A safer space for self-care. 




The #SelfCare team recently released BreatheLUV, a tiny preview of #SelfCare. 

BreatheLUV is a free, simple, and beautiful breathing interaction. 

It's a tiny moment for reflection, and a preview of the moments to come in #SelfCare.

It's just breathing. <3