We make companions. 

Our gentle companions join you on a journey of deepening comfort and friendship, not increasing challenge or complexity, to help you relax and grow.


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We focus on moments of care and connection. 

We work with artists, psychologists, and interaction design experts to create kind, caring experiences.

In TRU LUV's framework, you don’t tell your phone what you need, and your phone doesn’t tell you what you need. Instead, you work together. You help each other.

Our companions are not personal assistants, not chatbots, not games, but something more like friends.


Eve Thomas x Tru Luv presents


#SelfCare is a free, simple, and beautiful companion for relaxation and mindfulness.

It's a safer space to take care of you. 

#SelfCare is one of Apple’s Best of 2018 Trends of the Year selections.


Eve Thomas x Tru Luv presents


BreatheLUV is just breathing. <3

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And more later...

Video games often focus on combat and stress: they get harder and harder until you die...Each little task in #SelfCare operates on a curve of positivity: things start out disordered and end up orderly.
A studio devoted to...a radically different framework built on care and connectivity...is a necessary, exciting step for [the] industry.