We make relaxing experiences. 

We make interactive experiences for your phone that leave you feeling calm, connected, and invigorated. They aren't apps, and they aren't games. We call them companions. 


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We focus on moments of care and connection. 

We work together with artists to create interactive tools for care and connection about our shared anxieties. 

In TRU LUV's framework, you don’t tell your phone what you need, and your phone doesn’t tell you what you need. Instead, you work together towards shared goals. You help each other. 


Eve Thomas x Tru Luv presents


What if you refused to leave your bed?

Or rather: What if you felt so terrible you couldn't leave your bed?

Or even: What if you felt so strong you didn't leave your bed, but took a day for reflection and insight instead?


Eve Thomas x Tru Luv presents


The #SelfCare team recently released BreatheLUV, a tiny preview of #SelfCare. 

BreatheLUV is a free, simple, and beautiful breathing interaction. 

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And more later...