Privacy Policy

21 May 2018

Any data that we collect is governed by this Privacy Policy. The current Privacy Policy will always be published here and can be checked at any time.



We use MailChimp for our mailing list. If you sign up for our mailing list, please consult MailChimp's privacy policy


BreatheLUV and #SelfCare are built with the Unity engine, and we use Unity's In-App Purchases library and Unity Analytics to provide our in-app purchases. We don't track or store any of your information beyond what Unity tracks and stores by default. For information about Unity Analytics, please consult Unity's privacy policy

Apple HealthKit Integration

If you like, some animations in BreatheLUV and #SelfCare may sync to your current heart rate. If you grant access, BreatheLUV and #SelfCare will use the Apple Health app and the Apple Watch to measure your heart rate. Your heart rate is stored locally on your Apple Watch and on your iPhone and is never transmitted anywhere else.