Junior Programmer


Toronto, ON, Canada
Full time
On-site only


TRU LUV wants to change the way we relate with technology. We’re building a new interaction model on the belief that love feels better than winning. We work with artists, psychologists, and game designers to bring life to AI companions. These friends in your phone join you on playful journeys of deepening comfort and insight to help you relax and grow more resilient. Our first companion, #SelfCare, was one of Apple's Best of 2018. We care about curiosity, care, connection, transcendance, celebration, and protopian futures. <3

What does a junior programmer do at TRU LUV?

If you join us at TRU LUV, we’ll work together to bring life and depth to our companions, including #SelfCare and our secret projects. You would join a small team in Toronto and collaborate with team members in Montreal, Berlin, Cape Town, Austin and Melbourne. You would work with our programmers, designers, and producer to deliver code that cares and supports our vision for companions.

Your work day might look like:

  • Working with our creative director, art director and the rest of our design team to establish and refine our shared vision

  • Collaborating with any team member in any discipline (design, art, audio, etc.) to implement and/or integrate their work and iterate with them on their design

  • Collaborating with our programming team for software design, implementation, testing, debugging, iteration, and skills growth

  • Supporting our producer to meet delivery dates

  • Programming for Unity with C# in Visual Studio to create a wide variety of features such as minigames, AI, audio, graphics, framework, etc.

  • Browsing the Unity Asset Store or talking with other programmers to find out about relevant assets

  • Following the established coding style and cleaning up other code as you go

  • Making and uploading builds for iOS or Android

  • Using Git to collaborate with the other programmers

  • Documenting your work

  • Reporting to our producer on what has gone well, what has been surprising, and what you’ve learned

You have:

  • A computer science degree

You already know or would be comfortable working with us to learn:

  • Various topics related to game programming

  • AI programming

  • C#

  • Unity, Visual Studio, Git, Xcode, iOS, Android

  • A knowledge of self-care practices including those inspired by contemporary witchcraft

  • Tend-and-befriend and other frameworks for companion design

To complement our existing team, you are:

  • Curious, self-motivated, and can work as part of a distributed team, sometimes under minimal supervision

  • Interested in seeking out new techniques and ideas related to tend-and-befriend in the games and app industries

  • A proactive, caring and compassionate communicator

  • Solution-oriented, flexible, and comfortable making mistakes, asking questions, giving feedback, and helping others as needed

  • Enthusiastic about creating and maintaining a mutually-supportive environment that values diversity

Our team is built on a foundation of diversity and inclusion.

TRU LUV is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity and inclusion as the underlying foundation of our success. We welcome and encourage people of all backgrounds to apply.


Definitely not! If you are share our goal of more nourishing technology and our values of curiosity, care, connection, transcendence and celebration we’d love to meet you and see what is possible!


To apply, please send your resume to careers@truluv.ai. You must be eligible to work in Canada.

For any questions or help with the application, please feel free to email careers@truluv.ai.